Modern European jazz, referring to the roots of classical music, drawing inspiration from Polish folk music, flamenco, disco, punk, IDM and World Music. Freedom of juggling harmony, almost Bach-like melodies and clarity create unpretentious approach to musical form, provide a steady stream of positive musical energy.


Maria Schneider, the winner of two Grammy Awards writes about Nikola Kołodziejczyk: „I am blown away by his music. This music is powerful, creative, intricate, soulful — quite extraordinary. His musical ideas are so original.”

JOHN KELMAN, Allaboutjazz:
„If the best free improvisation ultimately feels as though there's form—that it is in the pursuit of creating structure out of the ether—then Stryjo's set was an unqualified success. The music was entirely drawn from the air, yet felt as though it were preplanned. Composing as it went, the communication amongst its members was quite remarkable, as small motifs were picked up and extrapolated upon, coming from anyone in the trio.”

Photos by Maria Jarzyna